Your Host Family-

Malcolm, Alison, Megan, Grace, Charlie...

..and Guinness our very friendly Labrador


Spring at Fleur de Lys

Wisteria at Fleur de Lys


The Hanger ready for Dinner

Guests enjoying Dinner in the Hanger


Play House at Fleur de Lys

Vienne at Confolens

Old access to the Vienne


Panning for Gold in the Vienne - with success!

Enjoying the Swimming Pool


Mandrills at Vallée des Singes

Squirrel Monkey at Vallée des Singes


Nearby Lake/Beach area

Nearby Chateau Hotel

Dinner at the Chateau


Fishing the Vienne at Ansac

Canoeing on the Vienne


The Confolens Festival

Ecuadorian Dancers at the Festival